Our Founders

The story of Naad began in 2011 when our founders came together to fulfil their dream of setting up a centre that promotes holistic wellbeing and offers a glimpse into India's ancient healing techniques.

Research and collaboration with like-minded partners helped breathe life into this vision and Naad's journey to inspire people to adopt a more fulfilling and healthier lifestyle commenced soon thereafter.

Manoj Khetan

A graduate from Delhi University, Manoj brings with him over twenty years of experience in managing his family business of wholesale food grains. With a strong foundation in finance, he has been actively involved in setting up new ventures and the process of diversification.

Manoj is actively involved in the day to day operations of Naad and it is not an uncommon sight to see him interacting with guests and being a part of staff initiatives.

Ramesh Kumar

A graduate of MD University, Ramesh has over twenty-five years of experience in the constructions business and is well-known in the National Capital Region for being associated with innovative industrial buildings in the region.

Rajiv Khetan

With Gauhati University as his alma mater, Rajiv, like his brother Manoj, has been an integral part of their family business for nearly twenty-five years.

Ramesh Kumar

A Civil Engineer by qualification, Ramesh brings with him thirty years of experience in designing and conceptualising industrial structures in the National Capital Region.

Rajendra Kumar

An Electronics & Communications Engineer by profession, Rajendra has been providing services for electronics to organisations in New Delhi-NCR and has over twenty years of experience in the constructions business.