Tune into a sound you

Tune into a sound you

Naad is a world-class wellness centre which offers authentic treatments and therapies of the highest quality- just a stone’s throw away from Delhi.

Restore balance to your five senses and reconnect with your true self.

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The Naad Experience

The Naad Experience aims to establish and inculcate a healthy, vibrant, & fulfilling way of life by incorporating healthy lifestyle choices in the daily routine and making wellness a life mantra.


Punarnava improves metabolism by cleansing the body off metabolic waste while providing intense nourishment to the skin. Feel immensely refreshed and breathe in a new life with Punarnava.

De-stress at Naad

The package focuses on restoring health and energy in the body through a combination of healthy diet and authentic therapies. Rediscover the mind's real potential with De-stress at Naad.

Detox at Naad

The Detox at Naad package has been carefully planned to detox the mind, body and soul entirely. This program includes customized treatments & therapies, diet and wellness activities.

Weight Management

The Weight Management package contains a weight loss and wellness program based on ancient techniques. The package treats obesity, eating disorders and self consciousness due to body image . Improve your quality of life with the Weight Management package.

The India Experience

The Ayurvedic journey takes one through various ancient vedic healing practices to restore balance to the senses. These dosha specific Ayurvedic treatments are designed to suit every individual's need.