About fifteen years ago, Tashi hit upon a divine realisation as she let go of the physical state to get in touch with powerful metaphysical realities. The spiritual connect made her look at life as a boat, that floats without oars when the soul’s purpose isn’t defined. Tashi now helps people find their true calling with guided spirituality. Blessed with sharp intuition and hyperconsciousness, Ashtar Tashi throws light on our path to spiritual enlightenment through personal sessions using Goddess Oracle Cards, Angel Messages, Channelled Affirmations, High Level Energy Healing, Chakra Work, Meditation, Crystal Therapy, Karmic Reading and Soul Mediumship.

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Grounding Meditation

The foundation of all meditations helps us connect with Mother Earth. The session ensures that you are able to reap maximum benefits from future meditation sessions and that you also remain grounded and protected.

Art Therapy

A silent meditative therapy, the session harnesses the healing powers of art to alter mindsets and enhance peace of mind. The therapy includes drawing and colouring that helps Ashtar Tashi analyse your psyche and state of mind.

Walking in Silence

This meditative therapy uses the technique of ‘earthing’ to heal your body and mind from within. When we walk barefoot on earthy surfaces the Earth drains out our negative energy, leaving us feeling revitalised.

Chakra Affirmations

Each chakra is believed to have a specific crystal and a set of these shall be given as you start meditating. The session will focus on healing the chakras with recitations of an affirmation associated with each.

Full Moon Meditations

It is believed that with every full moon, we are given an opportunity to let go, transform and start afresh. This therapy will take place in the lush open environs of Naad and will focus on channeling the energies of the full moon for new beginnings.


These sessions emphasise on the importance of taking the names of various energies that transcend individual beliefs and religions. Invoking the power of mantras, you are able to evoke energies with a restored faith in a higher power.

Colour Therapy

Experience the power of wavelengths with the understanding of colours and their impact. Heal your soul by choosing the right colours for your clothes, food and beverage and more.

Cord Cutting

Several factors often end up holding us back, a bad relationship from the past, a childhood trauma and more. This unique therapy helps you cut the cord with the negativity that’s holding you back and help you move forward in life.

Inner-child Meditation

A lot of us have been shouldering heavy responsibilities for such a long time that we have forgotten to nurture our inner child. This therapy helps us channel our inner-child again.

Introduction to Chakras

Understand the different chakras in your body, their positions, energies and the impact of each on daily life.

Chakra Meditation

Take the first step towards cleansing, healing and balancing your chakras.

Finding Your Sacred Space

A visualisation meditation, this session helps you find your inner calm and space despite stressful environments.

Exclusive Healing Sessions for 7-Night Stays & Above

Crystal Facial

A relaxing facial, Crystal Facial uses tumbled crystals for the face, neck and shoulders and is conducted by Ashtar Tashi personally. This facial opens up and cleanses the facial chakras (ears, third eye, throat), bringing back the balance.

Crystal Therapy Workshop

A four-hour workshop spread over two days, the Crystal Therapy session includes an introduction to crystals, how each chakra is connected to a corresponding crystal, programming crystals for healing, placements, affirmations and cleansing and caring for crystals.

Water Meditation

Cleanse your soul, using the energies of water and chants.

Soul Healing

An exclusive one-on-one spiritual session to help you understand your soul purpose.

14th - 19th February 2019

We are celebrating the season of love, starting on Valentine’s Day. Allow us to help you foster stronger relationships with your partner, sibling, child, parent and most importantly, with yourself.

29th March - 3rd April 2019

Holi commemorates the beginning of spring and it is the perfect opportunity to shed those winter blues and begin to find inner peace.

19th - 24th April 2019

April heralds new beginnings, as the festivals of Baisakhi, Vishu, Ugadi are celebrated all across our country. Start afresh with a journey to healing.