Diabetes Management

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Diabetes is a disease in which your blood glucose, or blood sugar levels are too high due to either one or combined factors like insulin insufficiency & insulin resistance. Each factor has its own causative factors which result in either Type 1 diabetes, which is genetic in nature or Type 2 diabetes, which is acquired as well as genetic.
Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which can be managed well through proper and regulated diet and physical activity. Naad wellness helps you plan those parameters and aid in maintaining them for a long-term goal.
  • Bringing down fasting and post prandial sugar levels
  • Long run HbA1C control
  • Prevention of diabetes related complications
  • Individual wellness consultation
  • Dental consultation
  • Body composition analysis
  • Daily fitness & leisure activities (such as Gym, Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Miniature golf, Lawn tennis, Badminton, Temperature-controlled Swimming pool, Reflexology track etc.)
  • Yogic kriyas (includes Neti, Kunjal Kriya, Laghu Shankh Prakshalan & Trataka as per our resident doctor's recommendation)
  • Customized Wellness cuisine including breakfast, lunch, dinner & non-alcoholic beverages
  • 14, 21 or 28 nights stay
This experience includes a bouquet of treatments such as Choorna Pinda Sweda, Upanaha Sweda, Compress/packs, Acupuncture, Yoga and more. These therapies shall be planned and customised post individual consultation with one of our doctors.
Disclaimer: Please note that Naad's doctors may request for certain medical reports prior to confirmation of your reservation for this program.
Starting at Rs. 3,08,000 all inclusive.