Cold Gel Pack

Also called Cryotherapy, Cold Therapy, is a healing technique that exposes the body to extremely cold temperatures, helping the muscles recover after strenuous activity, injuries or surgical procedures. By reducing blood flow to a targeted area for a short period of time, the therapy is an exceptional cure when it comes to lessening inflammation, swelling and nerve activity, which in turn relieves pain around muscles, joints and tendons.


  • It aids recovery from surgery, in terms of reducing the pain by controlling swelling and inflammation in the affected area
  • It soothes the injured muscles, joints and tissues, while also speeding up the healing time.
  • It helps recharge the muscles after workout by ensuring that the muscles repair themselves, hence, preparing them for the next training session
  • It also provides relief from headaches and migraine pains as well as dermatitis, other skin conditions, nerve irritations and mood disorders
  • Helps in regulating blood pressure