Chakras: Spinning the Wheels of Soulful Living

  March 15, 2019  
Ashtar Tashi

The spinning vortexes of our bodies' natural energy system are known as 'chakras' - a word from Sanskrit literally meaning 'wheel'. The chakras in a human body cannot be seen with the naked eye and they are visualized as cones pointing toward the body. The energy from a chakra radiates outward through an expanding spiral.

There are many major and minor chakras known to us but there are seven chakras that most people are aware of. The energies of the chakras range from dense to subtle as we move along upward through the channel of the central chamber or spine where the chakras are 'located'. The lowest and most dense level of energy being the Root Chakra at at the base of the spine and the most subtle and refined energy being that of the Crown Chakra, on top of the head. Ideally each chakra is in its optimum state when it is spinning clockwise, at a medium pace and hence in balance.

Neither should the energy shifts in the mind spirit and body of the individual be too activated and nor should they be too weak and sluggish. But that isn't really possible at all times for all chakras. Most of the times, one or more chakras may be out of sync and imbalanced. This is evident specially when the person is having negative experiences like anxiety, anger tantrums, fear, depression or even when ego is at play.

All other times, when the body and mind are functioning in a very conscious way, most chakras will be in balance. Hence, to keep these energy wheels spinning correctly, we need to know the importance of a calm exterior caused by a consciously aware inner self.

Chakras move clockwise and spin the energy out of our body into the space around us and they spin counterclockwise to pull energy from our external world (and from the people in it) towards us. The frequency of our chakric vibrations determines the direction of our energy flow as they either draw energy into our body or release it outward. The condition of the Chakric System influences our lives to be in or out of balance on a daily basis.

The chakras have to be kept healthy, in other words balanced as much as possible. Since these are vortices that pull in energies from the world outside, they are very susceptible to drawing in more negativity then is healthy and then manifesting disease when they are not spinning at their optimum best. This would mean that they are either moving too slow, too fast or counterclockwise more often than clockwise. The 'right' balance of the chakras is achieved when a slight shift happens and doesn't disturb the individual to create much havoc and it comes back to its place after a short interval. This is possible only if the individual is always functioning in a state of conscious awareness, knowing fully well the impact the chakras have on him or her and vice-versa. The trick is only to be in awareness and take steps to rectify the damage if any, without much delay.

In my 16 years of experience being a facilitator of Chakra Healing and Balancing work, I have observed that any event, pleasant or unpleasant has its impact. If for a long time during his or her life, an individual faces challenges in work life, or has faced tough financial conditions from childhood or even instability in relationships without any security for the heart or mind, the person's Root Chakra will bear the brunt of it. This chakra, which is the first chakra of the system, will become sluggish and block eventually. Creating more disturbances in the person's life because there is no solution in sight. If the situation is prolonged these blockages will manifest into diseases like knee and leg issues, illnesses of the pancreatic system and of the excretory system. Bones of the lower body may become fragile and pain and deterioration of the skeletal system, especially the lower back will start becoming a constant ailment. All this is happening because issues affecting this chakra have been percolating through all the auric bodies until they have blocked the corresponding chakra (root) and have then appeared as disease and discomfort in the physical body. Sadly sometimes, it is too late already. This cycle keeps repeating itself through all chakras because our mental, emotional and spiritual states are interconnected.

If we can become aware about our chakras and their functioning, we can live with much more ease. Knowing how our thought processes and conditioning can affect our overall health and internally our chakras, we must consciously take steps and knowledgeable decisions towards making the chakra health better. Since energy is not stagnant and forever in motion, through every experience, all the chakras get affected. The main one in question, getting damaged will carry the energy through all the others as well. So, whether we want or not, whether we are feeling it or not, the block will happen, and one would see the damage happening on different levels in various chakras.

It is your responsibility to have the chakras healed and repair the chakric condition at the earliest. If you feel 'out of sorts; and off-centered in situations more often than not, if you keep falling ill and have chronic conditions, you are in need of a chakra cleansing and balancing session. The repeated patterns of certain unpleasant life experiences create the damage and once chakras are healed and brought back in alignment, you actually feel better physically, mentally and also emotionally. Of course, if you are taking medical and clinical treatment for any illnesses, even though they have been caused by chakric imbalance, that treatment should not be stopped. It is required and must be followed. Alternate therapies can support the treatments and only help.

At Naad Wellness regular detoxification therapies are offered which aid in Chakric Cleansing.

In my dedicated sessions here, I offer Chakra Work sessions where through hands-on healing, using Crystal energy, chakras are healed and brought back into balance. Sound Therapy and Spiritual Counseling during these sessions also create the energy shifts required. It takes a few consecutive sessions for the Chakric Healing to show effect but once its completed, the receiver feels more in control and starts making informed choices in life. The person can then begin to recognize the old patterns and choose not to repeat them and break the cycle. This leads to a healthier attitude to life and living.

Spinning the wheels of your chakras towards good health, will benefit your life that you live and add more light to your soul's evolutionary experience.

Keep Shining!

About the author: About fifteen years ago, Tashi hit upon a divine realisation as she let go of the physical state to get in touch with powerful metaphysical realities. The spiritual connect made her look at life as a boat, that floats without oars when the soul's purpose isn't defined. Tashi now helps people find their true calling with guided spirituality. Blessed with sharp intuition and hyperconsciousness, Ashtar Tashi throws light on our path to spiritual enlightenment through personal sessions using Goddess Oracle Cards, Angel Messages, Channelled Affirmations, High Level Energy Healing, Chakra Work, Meditation, Crystal Therapy, Karmic Reading and Soul Mediumship. You can read more about her sessions at Naad Wellness here