Bring Your Mind Home: Meditate

Ashtar Tashi

In my 16 years of being a spiritual guide and healer, I have come across many people who claim they cannot meditate. The act of meditation seems boring or even too tedious to many.

This is a misconception I had before I started my spiritual journey and is hence a relatable notion. Once I started meditating, I realized it showed me a sacred space within me where I felt safe and content. I felt that I could connect with who I truly am and not what others outside saw me as. Meditation became my anchor.

The whole purpose of meditation is not to control our thoughts; rather it is to not allow our thoughts to control us. If left unattended the mind can wander in all directions and spend energy wastefully without any tangible value addition to our life. Meditation is the only tool that helps us get into a space of silence and absolute awareness where we can 'see' our thoughts and let go of the control that they have on us.

Doing any activity with complete conscious awareness can become a meditative practice. Watching your breath is the most essential aspect of forming a true connect with your inner self, and that is the purpose of meditation.

In my sessions at Naad Wellness, I help find that core inner balance that we search for and help you make it a daily exercise. Grounding our energies is the first basic meditation we focus on. Calming the restless mind and giving it the goal of expanding one's consciousness is what this specific meditation does. Besides this, meditations for Chakra Cleansing and Balancing, Enhancing Abundance, Healing the Inner Child, Cord Cutting and more, are specially curated for all those who wish to participate in the special retreats here.

I highly recommend Guided Meditations as the best way to enjoy the meditative experience and garner the most benefit from them, especially for those who find it difficult to still their minds for any length of time. A peaceful voice guiding the spirit actually draws the meditator into a more peaceful space within and allows for better visualization and a deeper transcendental experience.

Guests at Naad can choose from the Yoga Studio indoors, the expansive Yoga Pavilion outdoors or Tapas, the lush green lawns at Naad to find solace and meditate in peace. The Yin & Yang pebbled Reflexology Track is perfect for Walking Meditations where one can not only experience the natural acupressure and reflexology treatment but also heighten conscious awareness by walking on the patterned pathway, which is the objective of any meditation.

These experiences of mindfulness are specially channelled and curated by me for our guests at Naad to enjoy the true essence of inner wellbeing in its completeness. Even after you go back home, you continue to practice these forms of meditations and add more value to your daily life.

Meditation is being in tune with our inner energy source and at Naad Wellness we help you listen to the music of your soul.

About the author: About fifteen years ago, Tashi hit upon a divine realisation as she let go of the physical state to get in touch with powerful metaphysical realities. The spiritual connect made her look at life as a boat, that floats without oars when the soul's purpose isn't defined. Tashi now helps people find their true calling with guided spirituality. Blessed with sharp intuition and hyperconsciousness, Ashtar Tashi throws light on our path to spiritual enlightenment through personal sessions using Goddess Oracle Cards, Angel Messages, Channelled Affirmations, High Level Energy Healing, Chakra Work, Meditation, Crystal Therapy, Karmic Reading and Soul Mediumship. You can read more about her sessions at Naad Wellness here