Adapting to Varsha Ritu

  July 19, 2019   
Dr Sreelakshmi K.
BAMS, MD (Panchakarma)
Ayurveda Consultant

India is blessed with vast geographical diversity, which also includes six different seasons, which change every two months. This frequent change in season is even more reason for us to be able to quickly adapt our food consumption and fitness routine so that we don't succumb to illnesses and ill-health during this time.

Most of the country is experiencing Varsha Ritu or the rainy season during this time. From the perspective of our doshas, it is this period that results in the aggravation of Vata dosha. Consequently, decline in our digestive power, immunity and strength are the most common symptoms in the monsoons. In comparison, Pitta is mostly accumulated (giving rise to complaints such as acid reflux and heartburn) and Kapha is pretty much controlled.

Here are few dos and don'ts that should help you keep healthy during this time:

  • Ensure your food is well-cooked and raw food should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Give oily, spicy, sour and acidic foods a miss. Since your digestive power tends to weaken this season, these foods will result in bloating and salt retention.
  • Sweat it out as much as possible. While working out, avoid switching on the fan or the air-conditioning. It might feel uncomfortable, but you have to force your body to sweat to eliminate toxins.
  • Avoid excess of dairy and substitute your intake of curd with buttermilk instead.
  • Try and use cold-pressed mustard oil for cooking.
  • Don't just eat whole wheat chapatis during this time. Add in a bit of bran in your flour for easy digestion.
  • Joint and muscle pains are usually on the rise in the rains. Avoid exercises that put too much pressure on your limbs.
  • Detox at least once a week - fruit fasting, juice cleanse, laghushakhaprakshalana, are all effective ways and you can choose whichever one works best for you.
  • Ensure your dinners are at least two hours before bedtime to aid the digestive process. Dinners should be light and easy to digest foods.
  • To prevent mosquitos and other small insects from infesting your home, fumigate with aparajita dhuma churna.
  • If you or anyone in your family are diabetic, ensure you wear covered shoes when you step out since it diabetic wounds on the foot are quite common this season.
  • This is the best season to work on increasing your immunity and is a good time to undergo preventive treatments to gear you for the later part of the year.
  • Infuse your drinking water with ginger and black pepper to increase its wellness quotient.

If you have any questions on staying healthy in Varsha Ritu, feel free to write to me on wellness.consultant@naadwellness.com.

About the author: An MD from SSR Ayurveda Medical College and a graduate of the JSS Ayurveda Medical College, Dr. Sreelakshmi brings with her an experience of over five years, having worked with renowned Ayurvedic hospitals through the span of her career. Her core expertise is gynaecological health and she also specialises in the Panchakarma form of treatment.