A traditional Ayurvedic therapy for holistic wellbeing, Abhyanga has been known to aid people in maintaining good health, improving sleep patterns and providing cures for several lifestyle disorders. A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience, this therapy helps prevent stress, anxiety exhaustion and brings balance to the 'tridoshas'.

The process involves massaging the whole body with warm medicated oil, eliminating the body of unwanted toxins, while stimulating lymphatic and arterial circulation. Abhyanga restores the flow of vital energy (prana) throughout the body, rejuvenating the organs and senses.


  • Nourishes the body, enhances sleep and expands the life span
  • Improves skin texture, aids better vision while enhancing physical stability
  • Increases blood circulation, especially to the nerve endings
  • Tones the muscles
  • Lubricates the joints
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Increases stamina
  • Enhances sleep
  • Relieves fatigue and mental exhaustion
  • Calms the nerves and invigorates the senses